Whether you are a new real estate agent or a pro who’s been in the game for years, it is not uncommon to feel uncertain about how to structure your business, grow your lead database, build relationships, and ultimately maximize your profits.  One common solution to help with these concerns is to hire an experience, reputable real estate coach – in other words, someone who has dealt with everything you’re going through today and can guide your career in the right direction. 

Real estate coaching focuses on lead generation, listings, buyers, client services, business basics, when to hire your first hire, building a team and all aspects of the agent’s real estate production. Agents who choose to be successful are in a Productivity Coaching program.  

The Productivity Coach – Rochelle Fitzgerald is a top producer and a recognized leader with Keller Williams Realty.  To view her track record of business success, click HERE

Does Coaching Really Work?

Success Story 1:  Rookie of the Year 2018 goes to Greg G, whom through coaching, closed $42,000 in GCI in his first year of real estate.

  • Without coaching a new agent typically closes 1-3 deals in 12 months with 80% of agents quitting real estate at an average of 12 months. 

Success Story 2:  Neysa O, licensed 5 years, decided to hire a Productivity Coach in 2018.  She went from 3M to 8M in production in 12 months, winning the Top Team Award.

Success Story 3: Wendy P, whom through coaching with a Productivity Coach sold 2.8M in her first year of real estate.  This means she sold 18 homes with a gross commission income of $85,000.  Wendy P now is the CEO of Papasan Properties with expansion teams in Austin and Houston Texas, Minneapolis MN, St Louis MO and building in Dallas, Tx. 



To see if coaching is right for you, take advantage of the FREE 30-minute Growth Consultationbeing offered by the Productivity Coach – Rochelle Fitzgerald.